(we might even show you how to fish them)

We'll show you amazing lakes.

We almost exclusively practice catch and release, and encourage others to do so. However, fish are sometimes retained due to damage sustained or for the purpose of consumption. The show always places a heavy emphasis on the conservation of our environment and the protection of the wildlife that inhabit it. 

We hope to build on what is already a strong online community around the show. We encourage all of our visitors to leave comments and share their fishing experiences, and to check back often, as the site and the television show continue to evolve. So, get your tackle box, find your backroads map book, and make your way down to the nearest lake. You never know what you might catch!

Our names are Tyler Kyle and Nathan Thomas. Our goal is simple: To find some of

the best and most secluded lakes out there, show you how to get there, and give ya

some tricks to fish them. And most importantly, have a blast doing it. Because there’s

nothing quite like the outdoors. With a full tank of gas, a rod in hand and your best

bud by your side, you’ve got the ingredients for some good times. And that’s exactly 

what we’re all about.

Tyler has been angling since he was a young boy, and has a love for the sport.

Nathan has only recently picked up fishing, and is proof that anyone can fish. 

Just two simple dudes who love it outside and have a passion for fishing. We strive to 

keep things fun and simple, stressing the idea that sport fishing can be a cheap, laid 

back recreational sport that anyone and everyone can enjoy. And of course we always 

get a few cheap laughs in along the way